16 Jan 2015

One of the most important corner in your house!

I believe kitchen is a most important place for most of the home. It is a place where you can prepare meals for you and your family. That is why the design for the kitchen is quite important when comes to designing the home. Here are some unique design for the kitchen.

Did these 2 different type of kitchen inspired you in how you want your kitchen to be? I hope it did. 

12 Jan 2015

The Floor Plan Thing

When talking about interior design, one thing that makes me feel excited which is the floor plan. Some beautiful floor plan are irresistible, it looks so cute yet it makes you fantasize how your home will be from the floor plan. Maybe you still don't get it how the floor plan looks attractive, maybe you should take a look at them.

So what do you think after seeing thee floor plan?

10 Jan 2015

We would like to share our joy with our beloved friends!

During the Homex fair that was held in Ipoh Stadium, In Home Concept and our company Sixinch Home Solution has been selected as the best design in displaying the product. It was a big milestone for us to receive this award, it mean a lot to us, it is an affirmative from the public on our design. We would like to show you part of our design during the fair if some of you missed it. 

If you like the way that we are displaying the furniture, and you would like to renovate your house, contact us. We would like to serve you, and impress you with our creative ideas.  

8 Jan 2015

The Table Thing.

Table normally looks like a square or rectangular shape and with 4 stands at every sides. But when creativity takes part, table often comes with many shapes. What shape? Well pretty much any shape that you can think of and also some creative design on it. Let us show you some table with it's special design.

Did they change your mind about tables? Personally I like the bed with the side table. 

6 Jan 2015

Specially designed home.

In this 21st century there are some special designed home looks unique and cool. Have you ever seen a house which only 60 inches wide? And transforming a school bus into a small home? Let us take a look at the house which only 60 inches wide. 

There are some travel RV car in United States, for some family who are travel from one place to another. However, have yo ever seen a school bus converted into a home or a travel RV ummm, bus?

Maybe how you have started think to buy a bus and convert it into a mobile home.