21 Oct 2014

The Semi-detached house

We have recently renovated a semi-detached house for a just married couple. Our concept in designing the house is trying to create the modern home for the couple.

Let us take a look at the wet kitchen

Grey colour is the colour in creating the modern style.
And then, the living room

The black reflecting wall can make the house look bigger

Well, the bathroom is also a place where you should take a look at it

The mirror is lovely isn't?
Now let us head to the master bedroom

The attached bathroom

A small room for the couples to rest, and chill

Here comes the place where most of the women hope for, the wardrobe!!

What do you think? Like it? Contact us at 6ixinch@gmail.com

20 Oct 2014

The Se7en Thompson condominium

Sixinch Home Solution had done variables interior designs in order to fulfill the needs and wants of our customer for their home. We have recently designed an ideal house for our customer who living in Se7en Thompson, one of the most exclusive resident in Ipoh.Now let us take a look after we have did the renovation.

The living room

Isn't comfortable?

View to the dining room

Place for the owner to display things that they bought from oversea.

The corridor to the room
The bedroom is also one of the place that we must see, this is because bedroom is the place where we spend most of our time in, to relax ourselves!

Place where you can relax, spend your day by reading a book with a cup of coffee

Second bedroom! 
Its a different style!

9 Oct 2014

Your piece of wall art!

Wondering how to decorate your home, DIY wall art could be one of the best choice besides spending money buying new furniture. However, wall art are usually expensive, designing the wall art by your own could save a lot. 

Recycle wood could be one of the choice to make your unique wall art! 
                                                          Source from Homedit.com
If you don't have that much amount of recycle wood, its ok, there is another idea for your wall art. Branches could make your wall look special too!

All you need is just 3 pieces of wooden block and 3 branches!
                                                                                                        Source from Thediyshowoff2.com
If you are a little more creative, and you wanna jump out of the box, this might be something you are looking for. 

All you need is a bunch of wooden sticks, and threads.
                                                                                                                  Source fromOhohblog.com
If those idea are too dull for your house, you need some colours to cheer up your home, this wall art is suitable for you, cos it is unique and it is totally your piece of art!

Never thought of crayons can make such a powerful piece of arts right?
                                                                                           Source from Megduerksen

6 Oct 2014

Living room you are dreaming for!

Like it? Wishing your apartment look like this?
                                                                                       Source from Vintiquitiesmuse.blogspot.com
Living room is one of the place that you wish it to be comfortable and makes you feel like home. Here are some simple yet comfortable design for your living room. 

Colourful living room makes you feel comfortable!
                                                                                  Source from Chicagoenne.com
Next, something luxury!

Something luxury!
                                                                                 Source from Chicagoenne.com
Vintage style is something you are looking in your living room! 

Wooden cabinet could easily create the vintage feeling for your living room.
                                                                                                           Source from Designhomes.pics 
Stylish home? Yes sure!
Simple yet comfortable!
                                                                                                           Source from Designhomes.pics
Looking for modern style design?

If your apartment have a big window! This design is suitable for your apartment!
                                                                                   Source from Chicagoenne.com

3 Oct 2014

Inspiring bedroom design!

Feel bored with the same design of your bedroom. Here are some ideas to inspired you in your bedroom. 

You have a big bedroom for renovation? Here are some idea
A luxury bedroom where you can totally relax yourself like a boss!
                                                                             Sources from Interiordesignblogg.com
Besides, you want to place a working desk in your room, it is possible! This design by Reid Adams was supposed designed as a student apartment, yet it also suitable for the master bedroom!

Isn't it neat and clean?
                                                                                        Sources from Okviagem.com
If your partner wish the master bedroom looks more feminise yet you don't wish the concept to be overwhelm, this will be suitable to you!
Playing with colours could change the atmosphere of the room through the visual effect by the colours.
                                                                                            Sources from Axonui.com
 If an apartment is where you are living, and you can't make a big changes due to the limited space that you have in your house, no worries!
Comfy style can be create by some simple decoration.
                                                                                     Sources from Topicsusa.com

The different furniture could create the different concept of the room!
                                                                        Sources from Okviagem.com
Wooden furniture to create the vintage style!
                                                            Sources from Okviagem.com
Did they inspired you on designing your room?