27 Mar 2013

Rayaria Condominium Show Unit

Transparent coffee table, decorative yet practical for small living room

TV console designed to conceal wires and plugs for a clean and neat appearance

Maximizing length of sliding door would to give the dining area a spacious feeling

Grey themed kitchen that utilizing different texture and material

Storage came stylish

Function yet elegant back panel

Plan your space smartly and utilizing mirrors to create a dream walk-in closet

Personalizing your style and function of space to create your own utopia

Play with lighting and silhouette to create the aura you want

15 Dec 2011

Interior Design Consultation





6 Dec 2011

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About Sixinch

Sixinch is a group of companies based in Ipoh, which have over 15 years of professional experience. Sixinch provides you with services like commercial and residential interior design services ranging from design, renovation to custom-made furniture. 

There are more professional services provided by Sixinch Business Support team which is specializing in branding and marketing, trademark application, assertion application, and spokesperson arrangement.

Sixinch team is formed by a group of creative personnels, who struggle hard to meet and exceed customers' expectation. An experienced team which is passionate in their work, still.

15 May 2011

Commercial Projects - Zero Pub Design

Sixinch has a lot of experience of food and entertainment business interior design. This is a job of a pub located at Ipoh Garden East shop lots behind Jusco.


The view from DJ console.


Sitting near the entrance.

Right and left view from the front to DJ console.

A corner with good privacy next to the dance floor.

Waved cushion and long bar table design not only looking good but functional. It even gives a good support to your waist while you are leaning to it and checking out activities on the dance floor.

Chic bar design.

These are photos taken from this client's facebook.

Commercial ID Projects

Click the photo to view more about each project.

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Commercial Projects - Tasek Office Design

We have done a design and renovation job for a property developer office. This client do not want to have a serious and formal look, yet they would like to project an urban and aggressive image.


This office has mainly opened working space and only contains two directors room. This is one of it.
You can find a feature wall with design and functionality behind the working space. It functions as decoration, storage, shelf, and bringing in lights to breakout from typical closed office environment.

Working space of another director office which play with a lot of indirect light effect.

Another section of the room you could find a meeting space attached, where comfortable industrial style is applied.

For an office, the main furniture would be storage and working desk, if you have renovated your office nicely but you bought custom-made office furniture in the market, then the mass production office furniture would be dominating your office and generalizing your interior style.

The front desk area of this office is using fully tailor-made desk and the drak-coloured black wall is actually a nice and super useful huge storage.

As mentioned above, this office design is breaking out from typical closed and serious office environment and designed to bring in more natural light to create a bright and energizing working environment. That is the reason why you could find many design glass panel to bring in indirect sunlight.

Street view became more interesting through designed glass panel.

The rounded special guest meeting room which situated at the center of the office is very eye catchy. I could straight away grap your attention once you enter the office.

Contemporary front appearance of the office.