15 Dec 2014

Christmas Decoration!

It's December, which means Christmas is around the corner. The Christmas decorations is up. However, some might not know how they should decorate the house in order to decorate the house looks like those house that we often see in the movie. It's ok, we will tell you some tips to make you feel like Christmas when you are at home. 

After looking at these picture, did you get any tips from them? I think most of you get it. You need a carpet, Christmas tree, and some present around the tree, this is a must! Besides that, the wall have to paint with soft colour. Furthermore, should decorate the house with some small green plants, and also some Christmas decorations, add in more small sofa pillow can boost up the Christmas feeling at home. 

4 Dec 2014

Vintage style that you always see!

The vintage style

I believe after the western culture has infuse into the eastern culture, most of you started to design or wish that your home to look like one in those movies that you've watched. However, when it comes to reality, you often thinks that it is impossible or no matter what you have done to your home, some thing is different from those you have seen. It's ok, lets start in the room that you spend most of your time in it, then you'll know how to make it perfect. The bedroom. Let's see what is in Idea Furniture!

I guess this is what you are familiar with. 
Well this is something more to modern, yet vintage. 

Classy? Imagine you are the royal and waking up in this bedroom. 

Not your cup of tea? Want something modern? Of course, due to the advance of technology things are different than those days, there are vintage style that looks a little bit different than the cottage-vintage style.  

With the differences of the colour, it create a modern-vintage style. 
Something for your kid.
Like a king?

And there a modern-vintage style!
Do you realize, creating the vintage style, you need a big and thick bed, a big and classy bed rack, more pillow on your bed. A nice carpet, a furry one will give the better feel, a grand hanging light. Lastly, a room that has a brighter light, a lighter wallpaper that can keep the room bright, or a big window is a MUST!

2 Dec 2014

DIY Stylish Storage.

Sometimes it is troublesome to store some of the stuff in our home. We often feel frustrated where and how we should organize our stuff, and knowing where did we place the stuff without looking at the wrong place. So in order to organize our home, we often spend extra money on buying new storage. Don't worry we have some brilliant idea for you to organized your house without spending extra money at the same time it decorates your house. 
Place some basket on an unwanted ladder, it organize your stuff at the same time it makes your house looks better 

Well, we all know how does it helps in organizing.

Storage from these hanging mason jar can organize your things at the same time your house looks more stylish

A DIY stylish book shelf bring your home into a phenomenon

28 Nov 2014

Minimalist design for your home.

Do you know what id minimalist design? Minimalist design is to use the lesser furniture and lesser colour to create a bigger space and make the house look clean. the combination of  colour might confused a lot of people, so minimalist design basically is the concept that using the lesser furniture and the lesser colour to create a clean and bigger space. Lets see some of the example from Brandy Jaggers.

This room looks tidy and neat because of the less furniture and the colour is white

The room looks bigger 

White colour can make the house feel comfortable, and neat.

The room is better without any extra furniture and decoration, of course dog is not a decoration here

We can see white and some softer colour will be use in the design, this is because soft colour tend to make the room look bigger. with the combination of less furniture and the colour, the house will look comfortable and nice to live in. 

10 Nov 2014

Lovely kitchen that you wished for.

Kitchen is a place where you would really wanna keep it clean and tidy, due to the mess that you might have after a nice meal. Therefore, the design for the kitchen is important in order to make the kitchen looks clean and tidy. Here are some modern style kitchen for your inspiration.

Click on the picture to see more

 This might look simple yet it makes you feels like home.
This might look simple yet it makes you feel like home. 

It looks clean and tidy. 

I think I would really love to cook in this kitchen

This looks pretty modern with the colour. 

Big enough to prepare a dinner for 10
Do you like these modern kitchen? Do you want it as well? Contact us, we can give you what you want!